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Change in issuing the visas

Starting from the 1st of January 2012 The Embassy of the Republic of Estonia in Prague does not issue visas anymore.
While in Schengen area, please contact the following embassies in order to apply for the visa:

Estonian Embassy in Latvia: www.estemb.lv
Estonian Embassy in Finland: www.estemb.fi
Estonian Embassy in Sweden: www.estemb.se
Estonian Embassy in France: www.est-emb.fr

For further information please contact with one of the abovementioned embassies. 


Na Kampě 1
118 00 Prague
Czech Republic

tel. (420) 257 011 180
fax (420) 257 011 181

e-mail: embassy.prague@estemb.cz

The consular section is closed on weekends, local holidays, and Estonian national holidays.

For meeting a consul, you must register in advance by phone: +420 257 011 180 or on the internet.


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